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Dose Espresso Chooses AeroPress®
When New Zealand born James Phillips tired of the world of banking, he turned to coffee. After 8 years spent working in some of Sydney's best coffee bars, he learned not only how to make superb coffee but also to fully appreciate its increasingly important role in modern urban culture.

When he came to the UK, he recognised a significant gap in the market for good, independent coffee shops and, taking the bit between his teeth, opened Dose Espresso in the City of London in January 2009. According to surveys by The Independent and Time Out, it is now considered to be one of the best coffee shops in London.

"Our customers love the fact that there is so much more to coffee than they might have believed," he explains, "and we make choosing a coffee a wholly enjoyable experience. The chains have done a great job in setting the scene, but now it's time to show people how good it can be."

Although Dose uses a La Marzocco machine for espresso based coffees, James has recently introduced several AeroPress artisan, filter coffee brewers for a completely different take on manual brewing. The AeroPresses allow his baristas complete freedom to extract otherwise undiscoverable flavours from origin or specially blended coffees in a similar way to the famous Clover machine.

"I'd say AeroPress is midway between filter and French press," says James. "It has all the advantages of both, but none of the disadvantages. It extracts the coffee oils like a French press but removes the grit, and it captures the clean, bright flavours of a filter brewer. It's fantastic!"

James encourages customers to try new flavours and to recognise the differences between various coffees. Every week, he selects an espresso and an AeroPress coffee of the week which he promotes along with detailed tasting notes.

"The AeroPress coffee sales are definitely increasing," concludes James. "We now have a brew station holding two units which has attracted attention and we have started to retail AeroPresses as so many customers wanted to use them at home."

AeroPress coffee brewers are available from Cream Supplies.
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