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If you want a smooth, effortless coffee or want to refine your coffee making skills you should have the resources to support you. Two World Champion Baristas in the last three years proves that the passion and skill is back in the UK coffee scene. Why not join the community and expand your knowledge and enjoyment of coffee. Below are a list of blogs and websites that will satisfy any hunger you have for expanding your horizons .

Blogs & Forums - Jimseven - James Hoffman is one of the leading lights in the speciality coffee world. A previous world champion barista (2007) and one of the team behind the glorious Square Mile Coffee company. His video blog provides valuable insight into the speciality coffee world. - Square Mile Coffee Blog from James Hoffman & Anette Moldvaer (World Champion Cup Taster 2007) keeping you up to date with all the goings on in that wonderful 'Square Mile World'. - The blog from HasBean's Stephen Leighton. Stay in touch with the goings on at this top quality roasters. Join up to coffee 101 for a 10 email introduction to the essentials you need to grasp on the road to quality coffee making. - Instaurator is a coffee and business consultant with a world renowned reputation for his coffee tasting and management expertise. He has been a specialty coffee roaster for 26 years and has established roasting businesses in Canada, Japan and Australia. - a background on coffee regions and basic info.

Colin Harmon's Blog

David Walsh's Blog

Bean here, bean there


Websites - Norwegian micro roasters. Information on the AeroPress World Champions and additional techniques to experiment with your AeroPress. - A good forum to get as much info as you like. - The name says it all, join up and release that coffee geek within us all! - The Specialist Coffee Association of Europe - The UK chapter of the the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. - A site dedicated to the home espresso enthusiast. - The World Barista Championship. - Get that 'truly fresh' coffee experience and learn how to roast your own coffee beans. - A good resource for coffee information. - A community for gourmet coffee lovers - a background on coffee regions and basic info - Coffee news, events and gossip

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